DIY Pedicure at Home

DIY Pedicure @ Home

The summer sun brings with it a lot of skin challenges and one of those is the reappearance of dry, rough, and cracked heels. Our feet do not have oil glands and hence they are more prone to act ‘roughly’ (could not resist from using the pun) when the summer season sucks moisture out of Read more about DIY Pedicure @ Home[…]

Oil pulling is the best way to clean and whiten teeth

Oil Pulling: Best Way to Cleaner and Whiter Teeth

Less did I know that I would be writing a post on taking care of teeth when I first came across the poem This is just going to hurt a little bit. Ogden Nash describes sitting mouth wide open on a dentist’s chair as physical and mental torture, and obviously TWND by talking about Oil Pulling Read more about Oil Pulling: Best Way to Cleaner and Whiter Teeth[…]

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