Motherhood and its Assumptions

Challenging the Assumptions of Motherhood

This post is all about the NOISE….the never-asked for, the never-encouraging and yet the never-ending NOISE mothers receive on how to be mothers…oops Super-Mothers. Ah! What an irony. And here I was guessing that 9 months of a hormonal-ly challenged pregnancy, 17 hours of labour, unlimited awake hours, sleepless nights of breast-feeding, anytime and anywhere Read more about Challenging the Assumptions of Motherhood[…]

Universal love for all Mothers on Mother's Day

Bollywood Inspired Lyrical Love for All Mothers

I have to admit that when I first thought of writing Mother’s Day posts, creating a playlist was the ultimate idea. However, the lists are plenty and easily available online and I would be adding nothing new for you all as well as our mothers to read further had I gone the same way. There Read more about Bollywood Inspired Lyrical Love for All Mothers[…]

First-Time MOMS: The not so rosy feeling!

Rest of the time we were either feeding or entertaining or running after our kids. However, while talking to these fellow moms, I realized, mostly we see experiences of mothers who paint all rosy picture of motherhood but there are some ‘not so good’ feelings also attached with motherhood that usually remain hidden deep inside.

Competitive Mom and the Display Child

The Competitive Mom and the Display Child

I smiled looking at my daughter all dolled up. She was a vision, I tell you. A smile of pride ran across my lips as if it was an achievement for me to dress her up smartly. However, I know subconsciously my mind ran images of everyone looking at my girl and complimenting her. This was my ulterior motive

Why every song is for my daughter?

Why every song is written for my daughter?

I am a new mom and totally, madly, and deeply in love with my daughter. I am a romantic and more often than not I express my feelings singing songs, mostly to my husband. In our almost 3 year old wedlock, my husband also reciprocates the same lovey-dovey feelings using same singing method (mostly when Read more about Why every song is written for my daughter?[…]

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