Home Cleaning Checklist:What all to clean and when?

Home cleaning checklist for Indian Homes

Hello Everyone. I hope you all enjoyed our previous post on Rakhi. If you haven’t yet checked out that post then do find it here and support us. We need your love and feedback!

Coming to the current post. My mother in law is totally obsessed with home cleaning. You can easily picturize her as a hefty woman, moving around the house and giving instructions to house-helps to clean more thoroughly from here, pick stuff from there, wipe refrigerator, etc. To pull her leg, I call her (a made up word) the ‘cleanologist’-the one who identifies and cleans dirty things (loud laughter). She has a talent… an eye for seeing what needs to be tidied. And as destiny would have it, when I got married, I had no idea of what all in a house needs cleaning apart from my cupboard and room arrangement.

Over the years, I watched and learned. It took me a lot, trust me a lot of instructions to understand what home cleaning and sanitation really is and now I myself have become a much more cleanliness loving person. No matter we clean our homes ourselves or take help from others, who doesn’t want to come back to a spick and span place, given the pollution outside already. For people who have been cleaning their homes since ages or those like me amateurs, TWND will be with you in this safaai abhiyaan.

This month of October 2016, rightly can be called the month of festivals in India. Starting from Muharram to Navratras, to Durga Puja, to Dussehra, to Karwachauth and finally reaching its acme at Diwali, this month passes in no time. Not to mention that the melas, the shopping, the gifting, and the card parties occupy our time too (winks). Since these festivals bring with them the excitement of celebration as well as plenty of guests, Indian homes witness a lot of cleaning and beautification near these festivals.

Hence TWND, after a thorough research, has come up with the first post on Home Cleaning: a Home Cleaning Checklist especially designed for Indian homes. This checklist can serve as a To Do List of what all we can clean in our homes and how often we can clean such things. We have segmented the checklist into 6 categories that contains items to be cleaned Everyday, twice a week, weekly, monthly, seasonally, and yearly. The seventh category is Special Projects that includes tasks which are unique as per the household and you can add/remove it as per your preference.

The Home Cleaning Checklist is not exhaustive however we have tried to cover many an item that frequented in our conversations with other women and that most commonly occur in Indian households and various other home cleaning lists. You can download and take printout of this checklist and add/remove items as per your cleaning preferences.

However, most importantly do not forget to like, share, and appreciate this post as well as give your feedback on how we can improve this checklist and how easy/difficult it was to implement it.

Home cleaning checklist for Indian Homes
Home Cleaning Checklist

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