I am so jealous of my wife…

a short story about husband and wife distributing their work

Gently caressing my hair, she leaned over and kissed my forehead causing me to wake up while our son slept to my right. A ray of light from the window gently touched her face that displayed a noticeable calmness and serenity. Today I noticed my wife’s face. Everyday otherwise, I see.

My gosh this is the face of a person who is not a corporate slave! I pulled her closer, kissed her lips as my fingers ran through her hair gently going down her neck and waist locking her body into mine for a long deep hug. Everyone calls her pretty and beautiful, but there is something more to her. She looks fresh, active, always smiling….well mostly. She hardly gets angry and I envy all this about her. Even I want to be like this. I am easily prone to shouting and screaming on people around me. I am like a rolling ball of fire…burning anything and everything that comes my way…..including myself.

Ah! What’s with the negativity? I have my everyday work and office worries. I am sure if I were at home all day, I would also be all cheerful and peppy with all the facilities and rest at my feet.

As she freed herself from my hug and me from my wandered thoughts, she tip-toed out of the room, so that our son doesn’t get up. I followed her lead. It was an achievement that my getting out of the bed didn’t make any noise. She brought me my newspaper and a cup of honey-lemon water. How come all her activities don’t wake our son? I guess she remembers all this because she doesn’t have to remember sales targets and client meetings.

As she gave water to the sun, it sparkled as it flowed down in a line and got collected in a plant pot allowing only some drops reach her feet and get wasted. I noticed her red painted toe-nails and ran my eyes up on her. Why is she all dressed up? Where does she have to go? Is taking an early bath the reason behind her being cheerful and active all day? As I stood myself up to keep the cup in kitchen, I saw her yoga mat lying out on the kitchen balcony. She had done her morning yoga as well. Wow! Definitely a healthy body is the reason behind her healthy state of mind.

I decided on taking an off today. The sales had hit an all-time low and I definitely wanted to avoid some people, at least for a day. Today I will be like my wife. She doesn’t have to bear with people who have the power to mock her or pester her. She is well taken care of in my family. No wonder she glows. I will also be a princess today.

She kept my lunch-box on the microwave and brought us our breakfast. I told her about my off and we had our breakfast together. I asked her if we can go for a movie today but our son didn’t sleep well last night so she thought she will stay with him rather. I didn’t help her much last night as I was extremely stressed due to office worries. Anyhow, my wife can nap in daytime as and when her sleep gets disturbed at night. She quit her job when our son was born last year so she’s free at home all day. Lucky she!

Our house-help had just entered when our son got up. My wife gave her the instructions of the household work and rushed to our son. He was lying calmly on bed but fluttered his hands like a butterfly on seeing his mother. The room filled with his eh-ooo sounds that clearly expressed his excitement on seeing her. She took him in her arms and he wrapped his tiny hands around her neck. The next half an hour passed by his lying down in her lap and showering all his love on her. Just like last half-an hour, I am sure, almost her entire day passes like this.

She bathed him, fed him, sang him poems, played hide and seek with him, dressed him, fed him, played with him, dressed him, fed him, cleaned him and so on. He also played with her, lay in her lap, kissed her, pulled her cheeks, pulled her hair, threw toys on the floor, ate with her, danced with her, and laughed with her.

In the afternoon, my wife got 2-3 hours of break, when our son napped. Wow! I am sure everyday she gets this break when she can nap, talk to her friends, or go out. She served me lunch and quickly gobbled her food. I asked her to slow down but she rather hurried. I was sure she wanted to utilize this time by taking rest or watching some tv. She instead started to do some work on laptop mentioning that she can only turn it on when our son was not around.  

She read some articles and completed some work from home assignments. Doesn’t pay her well but I guess keeps her occupied. I always thought what would she do at home otherwise? What a fool I was?

Our son was up. As he jumped on the bed, I offered to take care of him for a while and may be that would allow her to take some rest. Instead, my wife got us fruit salad and while I played with him, she cleared the mess and arranged the room for the night.

Finally, at 10 pm she put our son to sleep, quickly finished preparations for next morning and followed her 10 minute beauty routine. Now is the time when we discuss about how our day went. Mostly we talk about me and my work and if I am dull, she gives me some pep talk. I always thought she did nothing at home.

Today I had to make it about her. I have to ask her about her future plans and if she wishes to continue her job, I have to ensure her of my complete support. We both can make some arrangement to manage our home as well as justify our jobs.

We called it a night by 11 because I had to get up by 8 and she had to be up by 6 am tomorrow. I already felt renewed by taking one full day off. As we spooned for the night, she kept patting my hands. I kissed her shoulders and appreciated her love for me. “Kavya, how do you manage to get any ‘ME’ time in fulfilling your daily responsibilities? Is there anything else you would like to do and you need my help?”, I had to ask her.

She turned and smiled at me in wonder. “Rajveer, I also want to go out, socialize, spend my time doing work that feeds my brain, make use of my education but right now our son is my priority. I am no all-sacrificing woman but we are just in a phase where our duties are distributed. Right now, I am free from the stress of earning money, meeting targets, dealing with people because you are handling all that. I am managing this house and our newborn. He needs both of us. Sometimes I also have reasons to sulk, to worry about petty issues, to brood over some family members’ taunts but that will provide no help to me. Overall, I am happy where I am right now. This is what I want to be right now. Right now, not always. Don’t overthink it”, she said and gave one final pat on my hand.

I don’t remember when I fell asleep. But I remember smiling, for a long time before that.

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