Intentions of TWND

It is always said that, “If you feel good inside, it shall show on the outside.” This blog brings to the outside world what all women do and go through each day and every day inside their souls as well as inside their homes that is making the outside world a better place to live in.  

We intend to create such unique posts on the chores, household errands, dressing style etc. of Indian women that TWND becomes a one stop spot for the women who want tips or solutions or inspiration or general awareness on what all women do and contribute in. One women might be good in home cleaning whereas other might be good in planting. Another women might be good in home décor. The idea is to bring together all such qualities in one place so that everyone can see how little efforts of women beautify lives and also, others can incorporate them in their lives as well.

We intend to create well researched posts by asking and meeting such many many women who are already working in one way or another in making themselves as well others look and feel much better than before.