Vinegar: an All-Purpose Home Cleaner

Vinegar as an all-purpose DIY home cleaner

Not long ago, we gave you a Home-Cleaning Checklist that I am hoping, helped you all monitor what all to clean and how often to clean at your home. If you missed it, check the list out before you make a mess and a big deal, out of your cleanliness projects.

Your fast paced life is not new to anyone however being busy is no excuse for letting the dirt be a permanent guest (that too unpaid) at your habitat. There are so many things that get dirtier with time and hence TWND presents to you a do-it-yourself VINEGAR home cleaner, that you can tweak to suit your cleaning items and include it in your daily home cleaning routine.

I have in my home-tiles, wooden furniture, wooden flooring, sinks, faucets, oven, stove, glass, blinds, bathroom fixtures, toilet etc. and almost an equal number of products to clean them. Thanks to mega-stores, now shopping for cleaning items require as much thought and confusion as shopping for clothes. Seriously, who wants that! Hence, I made an all-purpose savior VINEGAR home cleaner.


  1. Free from harsh chemicals so yeah, your precious hands remain soft and pretty
  2. No release of toxins so you not only beautify your home but also play a part in saving the environment
  3. De-cluttering your closet as you replace your tile cleaner, grease cleaner, glass cleaner, mopping liquid, etc with one cleaner.
  4. And most importantly, you save on your hard-earned money by creating this simple cleaner from things straight out of your kitchen closet.

  1. Water                        1 part  
  2. White Vinegar           ½  part

Mix and put it in a spray bottle. And, your life is sorted. This mixture is a natural disinfectant (but not for all types of bacteria) and you can make it fragrant as well by adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil to it.

You can also adjust this mixture to suit your cleaning items. If things are very dirty, you can increase the quantity of vinegar and/or completely skip mixing it with water. You can add/increase the amount of castile soap/lemon juice/baking soda to clean your items. You can sprinkle baking soda and then spray/soak Vinegar mixture on items for a few minutes to scrub them clean.


    Uses of Vinegar as an all-purpose home cleaner
    Top 10 uses of Vinegar as an All-Purpose Cleaner
  1. Any thing or piece of furniture, glass, countertops, stoves, faucets, oven, microwave, fridge, decor items, crockery etc. that needs to be dusted and wiped, just spray this cleaner on the duster and wipe those things.
  2. Replace your phenyl or mopping liquid with this solution when mopping the floors even the wooden flooring (you can use commercial/more effective cleaners every once in a while for fully disinfected cleaning).
  3. For extremely dirty things or areas (like blinds or floors or glass etc) that needs deep cleaning, add ¼ part liquid castile soap in this cleaner and then use it.
  4. Add ¼ part liquid castile soap and few drops of lemon juice to this cleaner to make it homemade liquid dishwash.
  5. You can boil one part water and then add one part vinegar and ½  part baking soda to get rid of clogged drains.
  6. For parts that have gripe or rust build-up over them or areas that need scrubbing, add ¼ part lemon juice and ¼ part baking soda to the cleaner and scrub them clean.
  7. You can make it a toilet cleaner by sprinkling some baking soda inside the pot and then spraying this cleaner on it.  to it. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes and then, rub and flush to cleaner and shinier toilet.
  8. Add some baking soda to this mixture and soak your toothbrush for good 30 minutes to get rid of harmful bacteria on it. Don’t forget to rinse well your toothbrush after the soak.
  9. Get rid of bacteria and pesticide residue on fruits and vegetables by cleaning them with this cleaner and then rinsing them with water.
  10. This mixture is a natural deodorizer. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to this cleaner and spritz around your home for a fresh, odour-free ambience.

This all-purpose Vinegar Home Cleaner is a versatile one. You will find a huge number of posts that use Vinegar in different ways for home-cleaning. However, the above mentioned cleaner is easy to make, very adaptable, and can be included in a daily cleaning routine for long-term home maintenance. It is the way I use it and hence it is tried and tested.

However, if you want to make separate cleaners for different cleaning items you can check out the links below for detailed DIY Vinegar Cleaners. You won’t believe there are dedicated websites on versatility of Vinegar uses. In the meantime, do share with me your cleaning experiences with this All-Purpose Vinegar Home Cleaner.

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