Woman behind TWND

Hi! I am Divya Chaudhary. I am a woman, a wife, a mother who has a whole bunch of relations to manage amidst her own wishes and personal space. Obviously story of every woman around us. Well, almost! However, I want to look good, make the place around me look good in any circumstance I find myself in. I believe I resonate with many a women! While doing my daily activities, and highlighting those of others’, if I can have many other women supporting me, and inspiring me by being a part of TWND, well Life will be simply more cheerful then!

Apart from taking care of my daughter and family, I love reading, writing, watching movies, dancing, and doing yoga. In short, I am an artist who is an average performer of almost everything.  

TWND is my brainchild but in its purest form it is just an expression of the respect I hold for women around me who have contributed in many ways in my life. I have learnt and I still am learning a lot from my mother, sister, aunts, mother-in law, my female friends and colleagues, my house-helps etc. More than these women I learn from women I don’t even know or whom I meet randomly. These women are discussed in magazines, online blog posts, or random chit-chats over coffee. Basically it’s you all who motivate and encourage me to keep my home tidy and pretty, to take care of myself and my family, and to keep adding little happy moments in my as well as others’ life.