About TWND

Are women only about being beautiful, pretty, all dolled-up, wearing designer clothes, decked up with branded accessories, and following fashion trends religiously? TWND believes that women can look their prettiest without any make-up on as well as with their faces being air-brushed. Women can look for beauty products in their refrigerators, or kitchen shelves or they can stock up on their favorite flavors of body butter, hand butter, foot cream, under eye gel, lip butter etc to keep themselves gorgeous. Their wardrobe need not necessarily be filled with delicate designer wear or latest fashion trends, it can also be filled with capsule clothing or comfortable wear to suit their personal style. They can dress up in outfits that never go out of style or they can follow fashion trends strictly. To put it short, as many women, as many are definitions of style and beauty.

But are women restricted to just beautifying their faces and body? Don’t women see their families and homes as an extension of themselves? Don’t women spend their time in creating a beautiful home for themselves and their loved ones. Women can fill their homes with latest gadgets or trendy furniture or give it a traditional look or they can keep it clean and organised to fit their definition of a beautiful abode. Sometimes women can spend more time on worrying about health of their family and surroundings rather than worrying about their uneven skin tone. They can love to get dressed in latest fashion and put on make-up for some special occasions and they can also buy things that appear beautiful to their eyes without their necessarily being in fashion or any trend. If all this resonates with your daily life, then this is your place to be WOMAN!

There are women who dress-up well as well make their kids, family, and homes look beautiful when they themselves are far from being any fashion-stylists or interior decorators. These women can be seen changing diapers of their babies, or organizing their homes, or dealing with the chaos at their offices, or managing the multiple relations in their homes. They can be seen running after kids or giggling with their friends or climbing their way up at work. These women can be seen in indian wear, western wear, indo-western wear or whatever wear they are comfortable in. These women can choose to wear minimal make-up, show-off their natural curls or doll up in high heels and poker straight hair. These women can lose their sleep if their curtains don’t match with the furniture or if they go over the budget in their monthly expenses. These women can spend a fortune on a showpiece for their house or they can give anybody and anything a complete makeover for a bargain price.

In short, so many women do so many things that contribute to their as well as others’ lives in a plenty of ways. Whether they dress their homes, or raise their kids, or cook, or clean, or take care of dependents, or help in social work etc., these things and many more ‘better’ the quality of their lives as well as of those around them.

Hence, The WOMAN NEXT DOOR is a blog on how  women beautify and better themselves, their surroundings, and their souls in their day to day lives. This woman next door can be you, your mother, your wife, your sister, your mother-in law or your daughter in law. Just any woman who not only manages to add to her life but also adds beauty to the lives of others.