Sustainable Lifestyle-A fad or Future?

“SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE” is a trending term these days. In technical terms it means “a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of the personal and Earth’s natural resources” but considering how people are spending on resources anyway, I deduce that they have yet not understood this very often misused term. There is a trending Read more about Sustainable Lifestyle-A fad or Future?[…]

A jealous husband psychology, why is husband jealous of wife

A Jealous Husband: I am so jealous of my wife…

Gently caressing my hair, she leaned over and kissed my forehead causing me to wake up while our son slept to my right. A ray of light from the window gently touched her face that displayed a noticeable calmness and serenity. Today I noticed my wife’s face. Everyday otherwise, I see. My gosh this is Read more about A Jealous Husband: I am so jealous of my wife…[…]

DIY Pedicure at Home

Easiest DIY Pedicure at Home

The summer sun brings with it a lot of skin challenges and one of those is the reappearance of dry, rough, and cracked heels. Our feet do not have oil glands and hence they are more prone to act ‘roughly’ when the summer season sucks moisture out of our bodies. Hence, it becomes very important Read more about Easiest DIY Pedicure at Home[…]

Qualities if a good mom

Redefining the Qualities of a Good Mom

This post is all about the NOISE….the never-asked for, the never-encouraging and yet the never-ending NOISE mothers receive on what are the qualities of good mothers, how to be good mothers…oops Super-Mothers. Ah! What an irony. And here I was guessing that 9 months of a hormonal-ly challenged pregnancy, 17 hours of labour, unlimited wake Read more about Redefining the Qualities of a Good Mom[…]

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