Being a Mom: Bollywood Songs for Mothers Love

I have to admit that when I first thought of writing a Happy Mothers Day post, creating a playlist was the ultimate idea. However, the lists are plenty and easily available online and I would be adding nothing new for you all as well as our mothers to read further had I gone the same way.

There are plenty of feelings, moments and thoughts that we all want to cherish with our mothers, but sometimes we find ourselves in lack of words or our shyness takes control over us and we cannot just picture ourselves displaying cheesy love and being hashtagged as mama’s boy or girl. But bollywood does it in the most appropriate, fitting, and relevant way and hence, here TWND gives words to the most universal feelings of true-love we all have for our mothers:

Mothers Love 1: Mom, Why’d you call so much?

A mother shows her love in the most usual, unusual, and as well as annoying ways. So here’s to the annoying love-Her never ending calls.

When the ringtone Maa Ka Phone Aaya rang on Sonam Kapoor’s ipad in Khoobsurat 2, I instantly knew that this is one mother-child moment done right at the right time. Yes, the phone call or might I add the phone calls we all receive from our mothers all-day long and the content of those calls- so meaningful and important. From where we all have been to, to what all we have eaten, from what all we have been shitting to where we all have been shitting around-it’s all questioned, discussed, and judged.

Most importantly, You have to give it to the timing when these mothers call. It’s like mothers have a pact with universe or something and they know the exact most inappropriate time to make that call and no matter how much you tell them how occupied you are, they are rather free and absolutely high on time availability. Worse! You don’t wanna hang up either because you know, next time

Ab Aayegi, Aayegi Jo Ring Sa Re Ga Ma

Phone Ke Ander Se

Phhotega Melodrama, Melodrama

But fear not my friends, as the lyrics say,

Meri maa ka phone, teri maa ka phone

Sabki maa ka phone aaya

Maa ka phone aaya, maa ka phone aaya

And hence, You are not alone in this ship. No matter how many a times we have wanted her phone calls to stop, still we do wish….

Mothers Love 2: Mom, Don’t Stop Those Calls

Because we know you are Waheeda Rehman and we are R Madhawan from Rang De Basanti. This Lukka Chhuppi between us, your frequent calls, your questions are all an example of your love, care and protection towards us.

Aaja Saanjh Dhali Mujhe Teri Fikar

Dhundhla Gayi Dekh Meri Nazar, Aaja Na

No matter how much we children enjoy our new found freedom, our privacy, being out alone in the world, Gucchha Gucchha Kai Khwaabon Ka Ucchhal Ke Pakadhna….. for every mother every evening brings the curiosity to know that her child is safe, be it near her or not and we children know this for a fact, that there is someone somewhere praying for our safety and waiting for us to be home. And if that love is not beside us, everything we have feels incomplete…

Yahan Sab Kuch Hai Maa Phir Bhi, Lage Bin Tere Bilkul Akela

Mothers Love 3: We miss everything about our mothers

Like it or not, one day we all face a moment when we go away from her. We go out for studies, jobs, marriage, privacy and some time later it dawns on us that we miss her almost every time. Her absence is felt in the most silliest thing as well as in the most important moment.

Of all the silly things, her home-cooked meals top the charts. What’s with her cooking and my eating. I eat everywhere but when she cooks, I devour. It’s like my heart eats. It’s like what Varun Dhawan says in Chunar song from ABCD 2:

Tere haath ki roti aksar hi main bookh se zyada kha leta tha

Be it her food, her waking us up, her over reaction to our mistakes, her over protection to our complaints, her melodrama and tears in our pain, her advices when we are low, or her just being there, silently-she is omnipresent. She knows when to talk, when to scold, when to let it go, and when to hug it out. How does she do it?

No matter what our age is, we all are like Darsheel Safari in the Maa song from Taare Zameen Par. We don’t tell her everything, all our fears and issues but we silently believe and pray that she knows it all. Our feelings reach her and she’s there. We wish that we never go away from her.

Unse Main Yeh Kehta Nahi, Par Main Seham Jaata Hoon Maa

Chehre Pe Aane Deta Nahi, Dil Hi Dil Mein Hi Ghabraata Hoon Maa

Tujhe Sab Hai Pata Hai Na Maa

Mothers Love 4: Mother is an Eulogy in herself

Two songs come to my mind when I think of my mother. One is Pyaari Maa from Dasvidaniya and other is an old song Tu Kitni Acchhi Hai (I like it better in the Neha Kakkar version). A mother has been so much, so similar yet so different to all her children that we all have uncountable cherished moments with her. And these two songs just sum up our whole love, respect, devotion, reverence etc etc for her.

The Pyaari Mumma song just touches the right chords that we feel our safest when our mothers are there. We just know that around her, because of her, everything will just fall to its right place:

Haathon Ki Lakeerein Badal Jaayengi

Gham ki Yeh Zanjeerein Pighal Jaayengi

Tere Hote Kiska Darr, Tu Duaon Ka Hai Ghar

Meri Maa, Mumma, Pyaari Maa, Mumma

The song Tu Kitni Acchhi Hai has been so beautifully written that it’s each and every word is meant for All Mothers. However to sum it all up, I would say

Maa Bacchhon Ki Jaan Hoti hai

Woh Hote Hai Kismatwaale Jinki Maa Hoti Hai

And hence, I wish…

Mothers Love 5: Be my Maa in every lifetime

Who knows for sure the cycle of life and death, but if there is any place where there is the slightest of possibility, where there is slightest of chance to reunite with my mother, I wish for it…I wish for always to be born to her. How better to end this post by taking words from the Shahid Kapoor’s Janam Janam song in Phata Poster….

Janam Janam Ho Tu Hi Mere Paas Maa

Janam Janam Tu Hi Meri Ardaas Maa

Pagli Hai Duniya Rab Ko Manaane Mandir Mazaaron Tak Jati Hai

Ghar Mein Hi Mere Hota Hai Teerath Mujhko Nazar Jab Maa Aati Hai

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