Motive behind TWND

The motive behind TWND:

I look around, I see the power vested in humans especially women to make lives better-not only for themselves but also for everyone around them. What surprises me is that it takes so little to do an act of beauty that usually such acts go unacknowledged and unnoticed.

Be it working women or housewives, their whole lives revolve around contributing not just to their own lives but also to their parents, their husbands, their in-laws, their children, society and environment at large. Even after playing such an important role in the society, I see housewives often being questioned, “What do you do?”, and if they are working women they are being questioned about neglecting their homes and families.

Every time I see my mother, I feel so proud of how she has raised her three children, managed her relations with her family and husband, and taken care of the whole house. In all this, she sometimes has ignored her health, her beauty, and her desires as well. But she bounces back. She regains her power (I don’t know what is the source of such strength) and goes on taking care of herself as well as everything else. However, she is not proud of herself the way I am of her. Only because there is no financial outcome of the effort she puts in every day, she feels like she does nothing the whole day or her life is not productive.

Same is the feeling of working women. They handle dual responsibilities of home as well as office, however they are often seen being criticized for their homes not being super clean or their families being neglected or they not being the perfect cooks.  

Hence, this blog has been started to bring to the forefront the role of these women in creating a beautiful and better life for everyone around them. Not that men do not contribute in any manner, however the role of men in Indian society is anyway so important that it does not need any podium to gain acknowledgement. What men do as sons, husbands, fathers, and while working is any way not taken for granted and is respected, already. Therefore, this blog has been started for those everyday women that do myriad of tasks to enhance the quality of life for themselves as well as for others. This blog therefore shall achieve two motives:

  1. Bring to the center what women do, all day and every day: It shall talk about their regular daily chores, their responsibilities, better ways to achieve their tasks at hand, how they manage to take care of those around them, how do they shop for not just themselves but also their families, how they make multiple occasions in a year special, how do they get dressed up, etc etc. There is no limit to what women do, you see!
  2. Encourage women to value themselves: Through this blog, I want women to see how there are so many other women in similar circumstances and are doing similar as well as different things. All women on this blog can share their unique stories and tips on what all activities keep them occupied and how they manage to beautify their lives, their families, their houses etc. I want women to know that these things matter.