10 Planet Friendly Lifestyle Choices

10 planet friendly lifestyle choices

Hello! I am environment. I am the air you breathe. I am the surroundings your kids play in. I am the outside freshness when you jog or do your yoga. Today I want to thank you. Thank you that you are now starting to take care of me! I am very easy to please you see. It is the little things that matter to me! Here are a few planet friendly steps you can take to take care of me:

1. Always carry a Big Shopping Bag: Sometimes planned, sometimes unplanned-one visit to a grocery store makes one buy at least four to five items. Although it appears to be a task to always carry a shopping bag with you but large canvas bags or reusable shopping bags are a planet savior.

They are large and foldable, come in different designs, and are pocket-friendly too (because some stores charge for providing carry bags). Imagine the number of plastic poly-bags one shopping trip will save if everyone carried their shopping bags diligently. Such a small step to being planet friendly!

reusable vegetables bags
Reusable Vegetables Bags

2. Always carry Reusable Veggies/Fruits Bags: All the sellers pack every different vegetable or fruit in a separate plastic bag. What are they worried about? Cauliflower striking a conversation with broccoli?

From the many options available online, one can buy cloth bags of varied sizes and use them while visiting market. What is the use of feeding our body with nutritious food while we feed this planet with poisonous plastic that will will sooner or later enter our bodies only?

3. Re-use waste water of AC’s and Water Purifiers: Did you know most RO water purifier systems have a waste water to purified water ratio between 2:1 to 6:1? But a machine does not know water’s worth but thank goodness humans are not machines. There are so many creative ways to store and re-use waste water from AC outlet water pipe and RO water purifiers.

Glass and Stainless Steel Bottle
Glass and Stainless Steel Bottle

The wastewater can be re-used to mop floors, clean cars, clean washrooms, wash clothes, etc. etc. There are as many uses of this water as many are humans. Such planet friendly creativity!  

4. Give-Up Plastic Bottled Water: When people leave the house, they don’t forget to lock it or turn-off the stove. Then why while leaving their homes, they mostly forget to carry their own water-bottle? Carrying a stainless steel water-bottle is not only pocket friendly and planet friendly but it also saves people from the intake of chemical that leeches from plastic into the water.

5. Use Stainless Steel or Glass Tiffin Box: What is the need to use plastic tiffin boxes anyway when eco-friendly options of stainless steel and glass are available in plenty. Glass tiffin boxes or storage containers are mostly microwavable and stainless steel options are break-resistant. Take your pick!

6. Buy Reusable Stainless Steel Straws: Yes. They are a thing. Reusable stainless steel straws are available online. Stock up on them and carry one in your purse so that you don’t put that plastic straw in your gorgeous looking hazelnut cold coffee.

Stainless Steel Tiffin Boxes
Stainless Steel Tiffin Boxes

7. Re-use glass jars: Many grocery items like olives, jalapenos, pizza dressing, vinegar, etc come in glass bottles and jars. Once the item is finished, clean them to re-use them in creative ways. You can re-use them to store other items or for decor purposes as well. Many people use glass jars for growing mini herbs, storing cotton balls etc.

8. Say Absolute No to Plastic Cutlery: Always add the note of not sending any plastic cutlery whenever having food delivered at home. The food surely gets delivered in disposables but do yo really need that plastic spoon and fork while eating at home? Such a friendly step for a better planet!

9. Clean surfaces with Water and Vinegar: One cleaner for mopping floors, another for dusting tables, another one for cleaning mirrors, and one more for cleaning bathroom tiles. Like seriously! How can you even remember where to use what solution? Also, not to forget that all these cleaners come in different plastic bottles that once finished, will land up in landfills. The price you pay for a clean home is not what you pay in stores but it is the garbage filled surroundings.

Read this post on how to use Vinegar as wonder cleaner for your home and save on spending time and money on varied cleaners.

Glass jars
Glass Jars

10. Energy saved is equal to energy created: This is one sentence was taught to you all in school and yet many a times people forget to follow it diligently. Any and every kind of energy can be saved. Turn off electrical appliances when not in use. Time your shower so that water is not wasted. Limit the speed of water while washing hands or washing utensils. Layer yourself properly in winter so that use of heater is minimized. Etc etc.

As many are people, as many are ways to save energy. Just be cautious of spending earth’s resources and you shall find your own way of saving earth’s resources. Also, while you’re doing some good, do like and follow The Woman Next Door on facebook, instagram, and twitter. Thanks much!

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