Things to do when Pregnant

Baby on board: 9 things for 9 months!

It is only 9 months when you have to bear a baby but you have to bear the responsibility of that baby lifelong. It is so important that we mothers are mentally and physically stress-free to get ready for the coming baby. So here’s a list of nine things that a pregnant woman should do to sail through her pregnancy happily.

Why every song is for my daughter?

Why every song is written for my daughter?

I am a new mom and totally, madly, and deeply in love with my daughter. I am a romantic and more often than not I express my feelings singing songs, mostly to my husband. In our almost 3 year old wedlock, my husband also reciprocates the same lovey-dovey feelings using same singing method (mostly when Read more about Why every song is written for my daughter?[…]