Competitive Mom and the Display Child

The Competitive Mom and the Display Child

I smiled looking at my daughter all dolled up. She was a vision, I tell you. A smile of pride ran across my lips as if it was an achievement for me to dress her up smartly. However, I know subconsciously my mind ran images of everyone looking at my girl and complimenting her. This was my ulterior motive

Luxury Redefined-Materialistic brands or Time?

Luxury Redefined: The most expensive brands

In the last 4 months, I was constantly reminded of this Coach bag. In these months, as I get hold of being a first time mother, I have met four female house-helps one after another to help me in household work as I give my total time and attention to the baby. All these helps had their own past and as they stayed with me for some time, they shared their stories with me. Every time they told me their story, I found a new meaning for the word ‘luxury’. The dictionary defines ‘Luxury’ ….

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